Effective Patient Care results from the coordinated efforts of a patient care team whose hands-on caregivers have IT tools to enhance their ability to do their jobs.

Giving medications safely is one example of a complex task that caregivers are expected to do—and do perfectly. The accuracy standard is expressed as “The Five Rights of Medication Safety,” that is, Right Patient, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time.

Technology can enable caregivers to perform their tasks at levels of effectiveness that are otherwise impossible to achieve, but successful implementation occurs only if it is part of a systematic transformation of the clinical care process. 

Clinical care transformation depends on the successful execution of and tight linkages between

The FIVE RIGHTS of ...


Five Rights Consulting Inc. offers a unique combination of services to assist you and your organization improve patient outcomes and the efficiency and effectiveness of your caregivers.


Examples of Recent Engagements:


      • Academic Medical Center tried CPOE unsuccessfully, needed to regroup with new direction

      • Community hospital with some success in clinical information systems needed more consensus to move to next level of sophistication

      • Community hospital with strong medication safety culture wanted to incorporate technology as an aid to patient safety
      • Academic/community hospital and large aligned physician groups unable to articulate the problem or the solution
      • Assisted in the selection and coaching of the Medical Director, Clinical Information Systems


      • Coaching corporate CEO on product direction choices
      • Technology-driven engineering company assisted to re-focus its product direction
      • Large company acquiring a new product assisted in re-positioning product line
      • Plenary speaker at Patient Safety Conference hosted by vendor
      • Facilitated focus groups of physicians about needs for clinical information systems, CPOE