The Five Rights of Effective Clinical Informatics Leadership

Right Message

Effective Clinical Informatics Leadership recognizes the different operating paradigms of the complex organizations in which we work and incorporates that understanding into all communications.

Groups are motivated by different issues and whatever information presented will be incorporated into the context of the listener. One message does not fit all listeners. The same ideas can be expressed using different words and metaphors. Information can be presented at different levels of granularity --some want to know how you derived a conclusion, some want only the next steps! It's still an elephant even if appears very different depending on how and where you perceive it. Recognizing and responding to different needs and preferences is responsive and effective, not duplicitous.

The Right Message, combined with the Right Engagement can ensure that effective communication occurs.

Recognizing these differences is a key element of success. Having reported to and collaborated with each of the key groups in clinical informatics projects, Dr. Kremsdorf can coach leaders on the framing of issues and meeting agendas as well as critiquing and sharpening how issues are discussed and explained.