The Five Rights of Effective Clinical Informatics Leadership

Improvements in patient safety derived from technology implementation will only be fully realized if the organization adapts.  Effective Clinical Informatics Leadership amplifies the improvements in patient safety from implementing clinical information systems while reducing the time and anguish experienced to realize benefits. Executives know that success is not guaranteed and that the organizational change component is even more important and challenging than the technology. 

Effective Leadership can set the right tone and direction. Do all of your organization's leaders have the right skill set for this million-dollar project?  Generic executive skills are a great foundation, but are not enough. Clinical informatics implementations have profound and pervasive effects on the organization, its staff, and its patients--when done with finesse, that is very good news. When mishandled, disasters can happen.

Clinical Informatics Leadership Coaching will help your organization's leaders to "do it right the first time." Especially if this is a new endeavor, consider whether your key leaders, the CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO, CNE, and CMIO (Chief Medical Informatics Officer) all model these key skill-sets.

We offer coaching to make these skill-sets a reality.