How Coaching Works 

Clinical Informatics Leadership Coaching develops a close working collaboration between the coach and a single key leader, such as the CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO, CNE, or CMIO (Chief Medical Informatics Officer) who is embarking upon a clinical informatics endeavor. The interactions are based on the Five Rights model of leadership explained on this web-site.

Such assistance is intended as a complement to whatever on-going vendor or consultant-based project management is contracted for as part of the implementation budget. Five Rights Consulting Inc. wishes to enhance the success of the endeavor by ensuring that the participants have the necessary skill sets to be most productively engaged, namely, the Right Domain Knowledge, the Right Synthesis, the Right Focus, the Right Message, and the Right Engagement .

Coaching follows these steps:

1. Kickoff 

Coach and leader meet for one day to learn each other's backgrounds and to review the organization's strategic and tactical plans

2. Teleconferencing

Coach and leader schedule weekly/bi-weekly, one-hour long, phone calls to review project progress, personal interactions, and new developments since the last call and to work on upcoming issues, applying the methods described as The Five Rights of Effective Clinical Informatics Leadership.

3. Periodic on-site meetings or off-site retreats

Available at extra cost on an as-needed basis, more intense engagement is available

4. Web-based collaboration

As needed, screen-sharing software may be employed to enhance collaboration without incurring travel costs.

The Five Rights of 

Effective Clinical Informatics Leadership